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The RugCats' Rag

Home of the RugCats

A bundle of love


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Whisper, the Grey Nuisance
Banshee, Queen of the RugCats
Bootser, Little Chirper Girl
BooBoo, the Flying RugCat
Ms. Pepe, the PepMonster
Amber Louise, the Youngest RugCat

This graphic was created by a dear lady, Anita, and her kitty, Mooch.
They worked on the beautiful graphic to honor our Banshee,
who passed away on August 11, 2009.
Although she is now at the Rainbow Bridge, Banshee will live forever in my heart.
She was truly a one of a kind little girl and I will love her forever.
Thank you, Anita and Mooch, for caring about Banshee.

Meet Our Rainbow Kitties:

Hydrox, the Old Coot
Pita, the Tiger Kitten
Spike, the SpikerKitten
Pumpkin, the Menace of the RugCats

Banshee was honored to be chosen as the Pampurred Princess for May 2001! Click on the image to find out how your kitty can be a Pampurred Princess or Prince. Thank you, Shelly and Hope!

Are you a Neurotic Cat Mom? We've Been Waiting for You!

Nobody's Fool (How NOT to Pill a Cat...written by Banshee!)
Happiness is........
Free to a Good Home
Prevent a Litter--Spay or Neuter
Loving Your Kitty Means Being Responsible
The Cat-to-English Dictionary
Cat Bathing as a Martial Art
Cat Heaven
The Rescued Cat
The Rugcats' Favorite Quotes
Letter to My RugCats

Ride the Feline Rail

The Rail

The RugCats' Hall of Photos

Amber Louise's Photo Page
Banshee's Photo Page
BooBoo's Photo Page
Hydrox's Photo Page
Ms. Pepe's Photo Page

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The Rag was started on October 26, 1998 and
was last updated on November 14, 2009.

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